Thursday, June 30, 2022

Back to Blogging!

I AM BACK, BABY! After a 9 month hiatus, I have decided to get back to blogging. Thanks to one of my book club’s current reads (The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo), I found the inspiration to get back to it and find the joy in blogging.

Let me tell you what happened. I got vaccinated, work starting coming back, and I flat out got tired of the internet. I, like many, began to stare at screens for so long that I had to take a step back as much as I was able. Though I do find myself busy and STILL tired of the internet (I have found social media can be insanely unhelpful for my mental health), I do not want that to keep me from practicing my writing and sharing the joy of books and recipes with others. I have revamped a bit for myself so that I am happy and excited. So here’s what’s new:

-I will no longer make recipe/book review videos.

-I post on IG, but not too much so I don’t get sucked in.

-I WILL continue to read like nobody’s business and post with correlating recipes when possible.

-I WILL continue making lists about diverse books.

-For those who don’t know, I have started a small book business! It is called Blind Date Books with the Bookish Vegan. I am selling both on Etsy and independently. The premise is that I choose a “Blind Date book” for yourself or a loved one and then pair it with a vegan recipe right on theme with the book. This brings me literally so much joy!

I am really very excited to get back to the blog and amidst the COVID world, decide for myself how reading, writing, cooking, blogging, and books in general fit into my everyday life. STAY TUNED, READERS!

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