Thursday, June 30, 2022

My Bookshop

Did this amazing picture of Thriller licking an apple on a stack of books grab your attention? Great! Now you must read about the importance of independent bookstores.

Okay, SO. This is probably one of the coolest things I have ever discovered in my life: behold, my own Bookshop. (Click the title!)

Bookshop is an online bookstore that is basically going to take down Amazon (we love.) Bookshop’s mission is to simply, support independent bookstores. The website connects you to independent bookstores all over, and you can order directly from that store. Therefore, Bookshop basically gives 75% of all profits to independent bookstores. This is AMAZING, because it is a savvy way to financially support independent stores instead of funding power and money-hungry companies.

Creating my own little corner of Bookshop makes me an affiliate! I have designed my own page and Book Lists. You can click to see what I am reading and what I love, and if you want to order, you can find a copy at your favorite local independent bookstore. As an affiliate, I receive 10% commission, which I will always donate back to independent bookstores. So- peruse Bookshop, support independent bookstores, and READ

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